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Aficha Virtual Assistants (AVA) is an affiliation of independent contractors equipped with the skillsets and eagerness to aid your business with various administrative tasks. We understand that businesses today face many unique challenges including the soaring costs of rent, marketing, equipment, staff and other operational costs. AVA was founded by Aficha Neverson to help start-ups and medium-sized businesses grow by saving them time and money. Let us lighten your workload and costs with our effective virtual assistants who specialize in professionally managing appointments, customer service, recruitment, translations, cold calling, social media management, email handling, invoicing, and web design amongst other tasks.

Our goal is to offer quality work without the costs. Forget the expenses of paying workers a full day's pay for half a day's work. At AVA, our mission is to provide the administrative excellence you need, when you need it. This means that you only pay for the hours when we work and never a dime when we aren't. The ongoing expenses of having in-house employees will cease to exist!

Enjoy the same highly skilled and productive labour force without the costs of paid vacation time, sick days, health insurance, 401k plans, equipment and software amongst others. Never again will your organization have to incur the cost of training and housing full-time administrative workers to do simple things. Have a team that you can depend on without worrying about web surfing, coffee breaks, bad days and lunch breaks. In addition to this, the disadvantages of having specialized employees leave your business will no longer be as detrimental since we'll have a dedicated team that can provide that same quality of support in every area both individually and as a unit. Let us help you get quality work with low overhead costs.

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Our Services


Our bilingual services include:

Cold calling

Follow up calls

Lead Generation

Billing (invoicing/collecting)…


Our bilingual services include:

Social media maintenance, Blogs, forums

Community (social Media Marketing, Networking )

Ad postings

Administration services


Our bilingual services include:

  Customer Service and Reception

  Appointments, Email management

  Property Management Assistance

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